MSX 3000 Modules

Wide range of modules tailored to your application

All the MSX modules are hot swappable, facilitating easy replacement without disrupting operation. I/O modules available for the MSX 3000 include:

MSX 3000 hot swappable modules• A full complement of mic/line preamps and analog line level I/O supporting up to 26dBu operation.
• AES/EBU I/O with optional Sample Rate Conversion on inputs.
• A very versatile SDI module which features two independent inputs and outputs, supporting SD, HD, and 3G video.
• A 64 channel, dual stream optical MADI module.

The MSX I/O cards include both space-saving DB25 connector versions for compact fixed installations as well as XLR versions offering the flexibility of individual patching in a stage-box configuration. The table below provides an overview of the available module types.

Modules for the MSX 3000