Ultimate, Flexible, Full-Size Desktop Audio Post System

The XYNERGI edit controller builds on the core values of the XSTREAM. Equipped with 79 high-res colour, self- labelling Picture Keys, this controller provides faster control for more complex productions. The higher key count allows switched access to 30 Macro buttons, 48 Track Selects or editing commands and a full size QWERTY keyboard layout with a wide range of language options.

Task-based ‘Megamode keys’ provide access to logical clusters of functions such as recording, mixing and editing. Additionally, the large number of fixed-function keys provides rapid access to a numeric pad, transport functions and jumps.

For the ultimate in flexibility, Fairlight’s new iCan software with Layout Editor allows function ‘layouts’ to be customised and edited so you decide which buttons appear where and when.

Accurate jog and shuttle control is facilitated via wheel, smoothly controlling audio scrubbing in sync with video. The 8-touch sensitive rotary encoders enable accurate tactile control of mix parameters such as level, pan, EQ and dynamics.

A dedicated monitoring section is provided with access to control-room and studio level controls, plus Mute, Dim and Talk switches.

The XYNERGI system delivers all the same productivity benefits as XSTREAM, but with even wider scope due to the larger number of repurposable controls.

It fits beautifully into the production chain, supplying quality audio recording, editing, premixing and the final mix. At the same time, it edits and plays your video track and interfaces easily to your media server.

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