Xynergi is a complete media production system, harnessing all the power of Fairlight’s hardware and software – recording, editing, mixing, MIDI, video.

It fits beautifully into the production chain, supplying quality audio recording, editing, premixing, or even final mix. At the same time it edits and plays your video track, and interfaces easily to your media server.

Key Features:

  • Innovative self labelling key switches
  • Lightning-fast push-button operation
  • Dedicated transport buttons, Jog Wheel, Monitoring controls and number pad.
  • Optional fader packs with full colour OLEDs showing channel information and metering
  • 230 into 72 mixer with full automation and monitoring facilities
  • On-board dual-HD video recorder
  • On-board audio recorder/editor up to 192 tracks

“Here at World Wrestling Entertainment, we create 7 hours each week of domestic television programming which is then customized for over 130 countries and translated into 30 languages. We release 3 DVD titles per month and air 16 pay per view events per year. All of the audio post work for our programming is accomplished in house in our 4 audio suites. This means that we must constantly turn out work at an unbelievable pace with a very high benchmark for quality. WWE moved to the Xynergi system in December 2008. We chose Fairlight because of its speed of editing, reliability and ability to work with any video file format and stream from any server.”

Chris Argento, VP Post Production, World Wrestling Entertainment


Xynergi’s Control Surface

Xynergi keys display graphics, and the software makes full use to create a task-aware work environment.

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Working with picture

On-board video makes post work faster and easier. Fairlight plays most popular formats natively, saving setup time.

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