What is Fairlight SOLO:

  • A fully featured professional Audio Post system in a mouse and keyboard based environment.
  • The processing power of Fairlight’s CC-1 Media Engine guarantees highest performance with lowest latency.
  • Editing, Video Guide, Mixing, Plug-ins, File transfer, Recording – All in one Tool.
  • A cost effective solution for Audio Engineers familiar with keyboard shortcut and mouse based applications.

Fairlight’s SOLO consists of:

  • Fairlights DREAM II Software
  • The power of Fairlights CC-1 Media Engine (PCIe Card which requires a compatible host PC)
  • Software Licensing options supporting up to 192 tracks, feeding a 230 channel mix into 72 bus elements.
  • A selection of I/O options (SX-8, SX-12V or SX-20)