Live Remote I/O

EVO.Live offers an optional remote I/O solution, as described below. Its audio connection is via multiple MADI streams, whilst control data can be connected in a number of ways, including Ethernet and MIDI.

The remote I/O rack is a 19″ frame, 4U high unit that holds a combination of up to 21 I/O modules.

The EVO.Live system will also integrate with a number of I/O units from other manufacturers, including DirectOut, 4HM and RME.

The following I/O modules are available:

  • 4 Channel – Mic. preamp
  • 8 Channel – Analogue Input Card
  • 8 Channel – AES/EBU Input Card with Sample Rate Conversion
  • 8 Channel – Analogue Output Card
  • 8 Channel – AES/EBU Output Card
  • 64 Channel – MADI Fiber-I/O Card (multimode) with two parallel transceivers