» Pyxis is a PC-based video recorder and file player.
» It plays one or two video streams, up to uncompressed HD 4:2:2 quality
» It’s got massive audio capability too.

Pyxis is used for video playback on mixing stages, at events, for live television and in any other context where reliable high-quality video is needed. In this role Pyxis has been a Hollywood favourite for picture playback for many years. Mixers especially love its ability to play hi-res video files without taking time for format conversion or down-res.

It’s also used as a dubber, recording up to 64 tracks simultaneously while delivering a video stream to the mix stage. If desired, it can deliver playback tracks into the mix at the same time.

And as an event or concert recorder it can capture video and audio at the same time, making subsequent editing simple.

In fact wherever cost effective video and audio recording or playback is needed, Pyxis is a natural.

Key Features

  • Dual HD video recorder/player
  • Ingest SD or HD video, including SDI and HDMI
  • Large range of video files supported natively – just drag and drop
  • On-board audio up to 192 tracks
  • Simultaneous record of video and audio
  • Straightforward editing of video and audio, simultaneously
  • Simple screen-based user interface
  • Supports Tranzport controller for remote control

Working with picture

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