Live Audio Processor

The Audio Processor delivers very high channel and bus counts with sub millisecond audio latency as it combines:

  • Fairlight’s renowned Crystal Core engine
  • A dual redundant power supply
  • Screen interfaces, system management and data storage
  • Local control room I/O and MADI connections for remote I/O

The Audio Processor comes in either a compact 2U or an expandable 4U form factor.

The built-in local I/O includes 12 analogue line outputs and 6 stereo digital outputs, as well as 4 analogue line inputs and 2 stereo digital inputs. The front of the unit also offers sync connections with video sync input and word clock input and output.

Extended audio connectivity is provided through four pairs of MADI I/O ports: 3 pairs via optical connectors on the front and one pair via COAX connectors on the rear panel.

Technical Specifications

  • 2U or 4U rack mount unit
  • FPGA-based Crystal Core audio engine
  • Dual input fully redundant power supplies
  • Continuous autodiagnosis including error logging
  • 4 MADI inputs (total of 256 channels) standard, 5th optional
  • 4 MADI outputs (total of 256 channels) standard, 5th optional
  • 4 analogue line inputs and 12 analogue line outputs (XLR)
  • 2 digital inputs and 6 digital outputs (XLR, total of 4 and 12 channels)
  • Full timecode capability LTC generator and reader


Live Remote I/O

Expanded and remote I/O is provided through a modular rack mounted system. The audio connection between the I/O rack and the Fairlight Live Audio Processor is via MADI.

The Live Remote I/O is built into a 3U card cage, fitted with dual redundant PSUs. It has 21 slots of I/O card space which can be fitted with a range of Fairlight I/O cards. It is reversible, with I/O connectors on front or back. It is mechanically based around the IEEE 1101.1 (Eurocard) specification and can accommodate a variety of cards which take up different number of slots, depending on type of I/O and connectors.

The Live Remote I/O is capable of hosting a flexible combination of microphone preamp, Line and AES input, and Line and AES output cards, as well as SDI-based I/O. The MADI connection is via fibreoptic cabling, allowing the Live Remote I/O to be placed significant distances from the host Fairlight system.