Live Performance+

EVO.Live is a new audio mixing system built for the most demanding live applications in

  • Broadcast facilities
  • OB trucks
  • Performing arts venues
  • Houses of worship

EVO.Live offer the best possible price/performance value and a set of unique operational features for enhanced productivity and reliability. At Fairlight – we call it Live Performance+.

Unrivaled Price-Performance

EVO.Live delivers incredible digital audio mixing performance at an unprecedented price.

Intelligent Control

Available in a wide range of chassis sizes and table-mount configurations, with up to 60 faders. An intelligent blend of touch screens and dedicated control elements significantly accelerate operation.

Customised For You

For the ultimate in customisation, the control surface includes dynamic Picture Keys that can be assigned to control any console or router function with user-specified text and graphic labels.

Enhanced Reliability

Full system redundancy with dual independent power supplies and automatic switchover. Dual Crystal Core audio processors and hot- swappable remote I/O can be added to guarantee highest system reliability.

Live and Post

Quickly switch between Live and Post Production modes, making it a fully integrated, dual-function production system. Intelligent use of shared resources provides efficiencies in time critical situations and delivers an exceptional return on investment.

Beyond Mixing

A complete production centre offering Live and Post Production tools “in the box” plus sound-effect play-out, multitrack audio performance recording, external device control, full timecode capability and extensive metering.