Mixing on a Fairlight system is genuinely a user friendly experience.

With 230 channels and 72 mix busses all processed on the FPGA-powered CC-1 card, mixing is handled by the system with ease.

Each channel has its own 6 band EQ/Filter section, 3 stage dynamics, and surround panning which are native to the CC-1, not chewing up valuable PC bandwith (as can happen on other systems where almost everything is a 3rd party plug-in).

“There are EQ, limiters and compressors on all channels, groups and everywhere else you can think of. These are quite separate from plug ins, which you can use if you prefer, but once you hear the quality and see the versatility of these features, the plug ins suddenly seem unnecessary.”

John Buckley, Classic Media Group, UK

The PC is thus free to perform “special” plug-ins, not the bread-and-butter EQs and dynamics that keep your mix under control.

Additionally the Xynergi controller offers dedicated menus and keys for mixing; no more remembering keyboard shortcuts.

With the high-end automation system on board mixing is taken to the next level, supporting all the popular automation modes including write/trim, touch/latch/snap modes, join/copy mix, as well as snapshots.

Every one of the system’s 60,000 mix parameters can be written to automation including plug-ins, and every track can show automation graphs superimposed on the audio waveforms for redrawing and trimming.

Fairlight’s latest mix software allows reading and writing at very slow and very fast transport speeds, allowing super-accurate and/or super-fast level control.

And how about our Pan Theatre? Project your video at the back of a virtual room and move channels, including groups, around visually in the room. It’s all part of saving time, making life easier, and dare we say it: enjoying your work!

Key Features:

  • User friendly
  • Up to 230 channels and 72 mix busses all on the powerful FPGA-powered CC-1 card
  • Each channel incorporates 6 band EQ/Filter, dynamics, and surround panning native to CC-1
  • VST Plug-ins also available, up to 6 per channel
  • Xynergi offers dedicated menus and keys
  • High-end automation system allowing any of the system’s 60,000 mix parameters to be written to automation, including plug-ins.
  • Intuitive operation with great visual feedback

“The CC-1 is fantastic. In my opinion, it is the only truly “In the Box” solution available today. High track counts with HD video and surround mixing and monitoring is essential to today’s workflow and for Fairlight to do all that on a single PC is pretty amazing. Add the Xynergi, the indisputably fastest editor available, and you have a sure winner.”

Nathan Dubin, Mixer, Margarita Mix, Los Angeles