Media production is carried out in a collaborative world where many hands touch the content before delivery. Each process leading to the finished product may be executed on different equipment, often using different file formats.

Moving work quickly between systems, rooms and facilities may be crucial in hitting deadlines or not.

“Our home video department is using Apple Final Cut Pro, so we will stream an Apple Pro Res file or DVC Pro HD file right from our X-San.”

Chris Argento, VP Post Production, World Wrestling Entertainment

Here are some of the file types that are needed to accomplish projects in audio post.

  • EDL formats

CMX, Final Cut XML, OMF, AAF, AES-31

  • Media formats

MXF OP1a Avid DnxHD; Apple ProRes 4:2:2; MXF XDCAM HD MPEG-2 long-GOP; DVCPro 20, 50, 100 HD; QuickTime HD H.264; many more, click on View Supported Files below

  • Asset Management systems

Interplay, NetMix, AudioBase

  • Media servers

Isis, DDP, Nextor