Fairlight’s generations of editing tools have cut films, TV shows, drama and music at lightning speed. Our philosophy: build dedicated editors with buttons and knobs that play like a musical instrument.

Xynergi and EVO take the evolution forward, with fast tactile control of a 192 track editor, integrated Record, ADR, and Sound Library functions, and keeping pace with current multi-element file-interchange formats.

Starting your project with a source AAF, MXF, or OMF, re-conforming full-resolution location audio direct from BWAV files, and seamlessly weaving pickup elements and FX from your network, is all part of the Fairlight workflow.

Advanced Link grouping and multi-channel WAV file handling is ideal for the surround-sound post mixer. Teamed with a Xynergi or EVO control surface, speed of translating “thought to edit” is astonishing.

Of course, for those who may find 192 tracks simply more than they need, our systems are available with scaleable track options, which can be easily upgraded without penalty when needed.

“The editing on Xynergi is faster than anything else I have ever tried. Combine the on board processing with a suite of any VST plug in’s (We have the WAVES Diamond suite) and this thing is just un-beatable.”

Chris Argento, VP Post Production, World Wrestling Entertainment

Key Features:

  • Highly evolved Editing Tools
  • Direct Ingest/edit of MXF/AAF/OMF
  • Intelligent handling of Multi-channel BWAV inc metadata
  • Direct integration with existing network editing workflows
  • Scaleable Trackcount Licenses