FairlightAU Pty Ltd is one of the world’s leading suppliers of digital audio production equipment.

Based in Frenchs Forest, a suburb of Sydney, Australia, the company has a history of ground-breaking products in audio and video since the early 1980’s. Some highlights are listed here.

Fairlight has been at the forefront of digital audio development since its inception in 1975, pioneering digital sampling and music sequencing, leading the world in cutting edge digital music synthesis. In the 90s it progressed into audio post, delivering the MFX editor series, FAME, Prodigy and Constellation consoles, the DREAM DSP platform, and more recently the FPGA-based Crystal Core series of products. Today’s Xynergi controller is the fourth generation of tactile editing tools invented by the company, while EVO is our fourth generation mixing console.

Fairlight’s customer list includes many of the largest facilities in Broadcast, Feature Film, Television, Advertising and Music production, but there are also hundreds of smaller studios throughout the world who have found that an investment in Fairlight is good for business, in time saved and revenues generated. Using Fairlight equipment has helped many of these studios to grow quickly and in new directions.

Fairlight equipment is used in the audio post-production of major feature films and television programs around the world as well as hundreds of lower budget movies, television programs, commercials and documentaries. It is also increasingly used in music recording in major centers like Nashville and London.

A dedication to innovation, quality and customer service has made Fairlight one of the most respected companies in professional audio. Among dozens of awards over the years, our proudest are our two Scientific and Technical Academy awards.